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We have issued a press release to over 5,000 newspapers, 2,500 magazines, 2,000 radio stations and 10,000 websites.  Already we've being syndicated a lot of places which is great!

For distribution to your customer, this may be the best link to send...

Although depending on their industry, you may want to select a link from one of the websites below.  We'll continue to update this list on Forum!

24-7 Press Release

Pharmaceutical Industry Today

Healthcare Industry Today

Finance Industry Today

World News Report

EIN Presswire

Consumer News Today

Digital Journal

News Blaze

Basketball News Articles

Basketball PR News

Sports News Articles

Sports PR News

Children News Articles's_issues_articles/2012/02/largest-health-and-wellness-company-expands-offerings-and-announces-company-name-change-to-wilkins-solutions-261703.htm

Small Business News Articles

Small Business PR News

Medical News Articles

Medical PR News

Sports Med News Articles

Sports Med PR News

Leisure News Articles

Leisure PR News

Recreation News Articles

Recreation PR News

Industry News Articles

Industry PR News

Manufacturing News Articles

Manufacturing PR News

Healthcare News Articles

Healthcare PR News

Fitness News Articles

Health and Fitness News Articles

Health and Fitness PR News

Health PR News

Business News Articles

Business PR News

Management News Articles

Management PR News

Finance News Articles

Finance PR News

Corporation News Articles

Corporation PR News

San Francisco Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

Chicago Daily Herald

Minyanville Financial Infotainment

The Miami Herald News

NewsOK Oaklahoma News

Silicon Valley

Silicon Alley Insider News

Beyond The Dow


Business Insurance

Columbus Dispatch





Renewable Energy


Social Picks



Securities Industry News